Happy Earth Day!

22nd of April is a special day for the planet, but are we really doing enough on the day-to-day too, to make a difference? We're adding below a small list of things we can all do to help.... pick at least 5 and try to stick to them!
1. Tote it up!
Plastic bags are a thing of the past. Get yourself a tote or two (or three) for your next food shopping trip, or remember to keep reusing your plastic bags!
2. Change your bulbs.
Next time you need to replace your light bulbs, look for electricity-efficient light bulbs and use those instead!
3. Fashion conscious.
Fashion contributes 2-4% of manmade greenhouse emissions. This sector is highly frown upon by climate activists but there are great ways to avoid the high fashion brands like Pretty Little Thing and Shein which hype 'one time only' outfits. Shopping vintage, previously-owned and sustainability friendly brands like Bikini Season, is the way forward.The environmental impact of the fast fashion industry | Infographic & Stats
4. Public transporttttttt
If you live in a big city, like London, there are so many forms of transport that its honestly not worth having a car. Between congestion charge, MOTs, Tax, Pretol, and the fact that cars are absolutely awful, you'll just save loads of money and do the environment a favour by ditching your car.
5. Ditch meat and fish
It is a well known fact that agriculture is a huge contributor to global emissions, and a plant-based diet is great way to avoid contributing to the over consumption and demand we have for meat and fish. If you need some extra motivation, do watch Watch the Health and Seaspiracy on Netflix and I'm sure that'll do the trick. Also strongly suggest slowly lowering amount of times you eat meat/fish/dairy a week.

Is Plant-Based Meat Better for the Environment (And You)?
6. Vote on it!
When voting on your next political candidate, make sure you research and make sure you choose someone that aligns with you on the climate crisis we are fighting against.
7. Layer up
Before you considering turning on the heat. This will also ease your monthly bill! Two birds, one stoneeee!
8. Don't drink bottled water.
Lanfills see around 2 million tons of plastic bottles and this can be easily avoided by refilling bottles and use water filters. (Exceptions if you're on holiday and worried about local water 
9. Reduce your waste
and buy better. Long lasting items, and also eco friendly packaging is a game changer.
10. Speak about it.
There are so many little things we can learn from others, and even the decision to stop eating meat came from a friend suggestion a meat-free week.

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