About Us

My inspiration to have a swimwear brand began 8 years ago when I was solo travelling around Europe, but my passion for swimwear began way before that.
My childhood consisted of weekends spent by the beach with my family and friends, playing in the sand and wetting my little feet. Once older, these happy memories transformed into tanning weekends, diving in the waves every opportunity we could. To this day, these are some of my happiest memories and where I truly feel I am at my element.
In early 2020 I began researching and putting together all my ideas. I had a vison of what I wanted. Sexy, flattering and comfortable bikinis, but I couldn't imagine building a brand that didn't incorporate the eco-friendly values that I had been incorporating into my own personal life. 
I am very proud to be able to launch my swimwear collection, Bikini Season, knowing I have created a product that is just as environmentally friendly as it is sexy!
Ruth x